MooseBilt Testimonials


I have been around since the beginning of the Moose era. I have watched it grow into the off-road camping excursion trailer of the future. With most units you cannot get off the beaten path and get into that secluded spot in the mountains. With the Moose….those are things of the past. I have been friends with Chad Chadwick for over 24 years and during this period he has always spoken of doing something out of the ordinary within the camping industry. Well folks, I believe he has achieved that mark with a WOW. Not only is this thing rugged and durable, it is very lightweight and loaded with all the top of the line accessories.

Over the years I have been camping with Chad, and even used the original Moose myself. All I have to say is with this unit, there is no way you can go wrong. Chad has put 5+ years of time, money, and labor into perfecting his dream. This off-road extreme machine will keep you cool in the heat, dry from inclimate weather, and safe from the predators while you sleep. Best of all, it is able to go anywhere your vehicle can take you.

Moosebilt Industries is a name you can trust and their products come with a warranty like no other camper out there. All I can say is you should be the first in line to buy one of these amazing machines. Just remember, it is getting harder and harder to find that perfect camping spot anymore. Away from everyone! To get the peace and quiet you are searching for, Moosebilt Industries can help get you there…

Robert Phillips