Here is a little About MooseBilt.

First and foremost we are Texas ranchers and when we are not building trailers we are out on our property working cows, planting gardens, and mending fences. Aside from the ranch work our lifelong passions are camping and off-roading, which we have been doing since we were knee high to a grasshopper. At times, life in South Texas can get a bit chaotic running a ranch and building a company but we enjoy every crazy second because both are a labor of love.

As a kid (and to date) my lifelong nickname is Moose, and about five years ago I built my first trailer called the “MOOSE” because I was tired of tailgate camping. In my search for an overland trailer, I realized no one had exactly what I wanted. Everything was either too small or the price was too high, so I built my own. Since the completion of that first build we have traveled back and forth across the country camping from Alaska to Maine and all the way down to the Keys. We have racked up over fifty thousand miles on our first rig.

Each adventure gave us the opportunity to test and improve upon our trailer. We have personally tested every aspect of our rig with some serious off-roading and overlanding. There were failures along the way, but with each one, we were able to improve our design. We are not just builders, we are also the consumer with extremely high standards. So with that said, we are not the cheapest rig you can buy, but we are the best you will find.

While on the road we’ve gotten such positive feedback that we decided to start building them commercially. We felt that it was only appropriate to name the company MooseBilt Industries. Along with trailers we will be distributors of RTTs and other overland equipment. These trailers come fully equipped with all you will need for your expeditions or weekend getaways. Just load your clothes, food and water, hook it up and hit the road. WE ARE MOOSEBILT AND ITS AMERICAN MADE.